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Craig Green
Iain Duncan Smith

Lizzie Velasquez: 'Online bullies called me the world's ugliest woman'

What started as a search for music online - purely homework procrastination - would change Lizzie Velasquez's life.




'The year I lost my limbs was the most brilliant of my life'

In a few weeks Alex Lewis went from being the owner of a pub, to becoming critically ill and a quadruple amputee. Yet he still describes the past year as the best he's ever had.


The disabled men who act as each other's arms and eyes

Two disabled men, one blind, one a double amputee, have spent over ten years planting trees together in rural China.



The priest who had both hands blown off by a letter bomb

When a letter bomb was delivered to Father Michael Lapsley's house, it triggered a lifetime of healing.


From Prison to the paralympics

When Craig Green went to prison in 2010 he didn't envisage that five years later he would be training to become an elite cyclist, in the hopes of making the Paralympic Games in Rio.


why do disabled people feel ignored when it comes to voting?

Too many disabled people are being denied the right to an independent and private vote, charities say. So what are the issues and who is it affecting?



Why are so many disabled roles played by non-disabled actors?

Eddie Redmayne has been nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in A Theory of Everything, but should the role have been played by a disabled actor?


Is it wrong to imply disabled people are not "normal"?

Iain Duncan Smith has been criticised for calling non-disabled people "normal". Why does the word make people angry?


Is it unfair to ban smoking in mental health hospitals?

Smoking is banned inside NHS mental health units, but some hospitals have now said it won't be allowed in the grounds either. Is this fair?