GB Sitting Volleyball


Sport was always important to me growing up but when I had my legs amputated I had to work hard to find and enjoy sport again. 

After a few years of walking on my prosthetics I knew I wanted to be more active and luckily managed to get a pair of running blades from the NHS. I was very lucky and this has given me a freedom I didn't think I would experience again. 

With a full-time job as a journalist at the BBC, running is physically very exerting for me though, and my legs sometimes really suffer after a training session with bruises and rubs making day-to-day life harder. 

Enter sitting volleyball. I knew I wanted to try and find something that didn't need me to wear my prosthetics and in sitting volleyball I wasn't allowed! I've now been playing for a couple of years and am part of the GB squad, travelling to international competitions and enjoying being part of a team for once.