After experiencing the holistic benefits of yoga first hand, Kat started an Instagram account – @amputeekat – using the hashtag #amputeeyoga. “I wanted to connect with other amputees and give them some advice and confidence to try yoga,” she explains.


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Here, five Sun readers who were on the brink of death tell Christina Earle how they managed to defy all the odds and live to tell the tale.

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Kathleen thought she had the flu. In fact, it was meningitis - and it cost her both legs.


Look up #yoga on Instagram and it’s enough to put you off ever donning a pair of Lululemons (if the price tag didn’t already)


Which is how one amputee came to use her Instagram as a platform for challenging our preconceptions of what limb loss looks like and what it means for those who have gone through it.

28-year-old Kat Hawkins – AKA Amputee Kat – is a dancer and GB volleyball athlete who is more flexible that most of us can ever dream of being.



This Amputee Yogi Can Teach Us All A Lot About Body Positivity